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We provide a healthful, affordable, local option for food through our Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA). 

below you'll find info on what a csa is, how it works, and how to sign up so you can start your personal farm-to-table experience.

Learn about our cooperative CSA Program

What is CSA?

CSA or Community Supported Agriculture, is a seasonal farming framework which allows the consumer to support farms in a unique way.  By investing up front in the growing season by purchasing a farm “share”, members gain access to the farm’s best harvest whilst sharing the risk and up front costs of the season with their farmers.

Our  2024 CSA season runs for 30 weeks from May through November, where each week we harvest the farm’s abundance and divide amongst our members in the form of a share for pickup at one of two locations. Each share will have an average of 8 (+/-) items per week.

This year our CSA harvest will run 30 weeks: beginning the week of April 29th finishing the week of November 18th. This is one week longer than the full season + November extension last year, as we continue to work towards providing produce year round. 

  Summer & Winter Season Shares are still available! Sign-up now and join us for the Summer or Winter Season!

In order to accommodate the feedback we've received in years past, we are offering several share options this year, including 10 week “season” packages, the full 30 week program at a discount, or a bi-weekly pickup. 
* Full Share - 30 weeks @ $32/week for a total of $960 (a payment plan of three equal payments is available upon request)
* Biweekly Half Share (an alternating, every other week pickup) - 15 weeks @ $35/week for a total of $525
* Spring Season (4/29-7/1) - 10 weeks @ $35/week for a total of $350
* Summer Season (7/8-9/9) - 10 weeks @ $35/week for a total of $350
* Fall Season (9/16-11/18) - 10 weeks @ $35/week for a total of $350

Our FOUR options for pickup include:
1. Wednesdays from 3-6pm at East Rivendell Farm (26904 Clarksburg Rd, Damascus)
2. Wednesdays from 3-6pm at Love and Grit Farm (22525 Wildcat Rd, Germantown)
3. Saturdays from 8am-Noon at East Rivendell Farm (26904 Clarksburg Rd, Damascus) SELF SERVICE ONLY
4. Saturdays from 8am-Noon at Love and Grit Farm (22525 Wildcat Rd) SELF SERVICE ONLY

      We are firm believers in the pleasure and health benefits of fresh herbs! Therefore, both farms will have herb cutting gardens available to members to harvest fresh seasonal herbs at no additional cost throughout the full season. This is a fun experience for all family/share members (children too!) to ensure availability and freshness weekly. 
      Occasionally other items will be available for purchase upon pickup, including eggs, fresh baked sourdough breads, meat products produced by each farm (chicken, pork, Thanksgiving turkeys), and flowers. 

In efforts to streamline both our order and registration process this year, we ask that you complete this quick order form to confirm your member preferences, and to collect contact information. We will follow-up confirming your share and communicating payment details shortly after registration. 

2024 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Season : Love & Grit and East Rivendell Farms 

We are thrilled to embark on our fifth CSA season in 2024! This year we will continue to grow in partnership as we work to expand our offerings. Our CSA season will run for 30 weeks from late April through November. each week we harvest the farms’ abundance and divide amongst our members in the form of a share for pickup at one of two locations. Your membership in our CSA program helps to support our local food economy and community. Last season we were tickled by the joy of working in farm-fellowship with one another and look forward to another year of beautiful bounty.

Each share will include 8 items per week. In peak season, our harvest may yield and extra item here and there, and in the early spring weeks, shares may be slightly smaller. All items will be grown by East Rivendell Farm or Love & Grit Farm working together in partnership and careful coordination to provide as much plant variety and culinary complement as possible.

Register for Our 2024 CSA Here!

Here’s some key elements of Love & Grit farm’s CSA to consider when making your choice:

  • When you join our CSA, you are supporting TWO farms. Yes, TWO! 

  • Love & Grit has partnered with East Rivendell Farm located in Damascus, to provide the first and only dual cooperative CSA program in our county for the second year in a row. Each week the produce you receive will include approximately half of its items from Love & Grit farm and half from East Rivendell Farm.
  • Why Co-Op? This partnership allows us to build community within our business - growing together expands our knowledge & expertise by collaboration, allows us to mutually benefit from shared resources and logistics, and sends DEEP ROOTS into our local farming networks. 

  • Community. If you’re looking for a place to meet new people, have a chance to talk and get to know your farmers, and linger a while, this might be the farm for you. It’s no secret our pickup days are a chance to walk the herb garden, pet some kittens, and meet your neighbors. 

  • Fresh Cut Herbs. Each member has direct access to a self cutting herb garden which we’ll orient members to in the first weeks of the program. We strongly encourage everyone to make good use of it!

  • Access to More Foods. Between pork shares, broiler chickens, chicken eggs, and market produce at East Rivendell each Saturday - you get a lot more than just vegetables in our CSA. 

healthy living, made easy 

the benefits of csa are longstanding.

Over 80 families collectively trust our farm food to provide them with healthy nutrition to maintain a sustainable lifestyle.

our street cred

"Love & Grit Farm is a slice of heaven! We absolutely LOVE visiting the farm and being CSA Members! We are excited to participate in the upcoming events and opportunities on the farm and couldn't speak more highly of what owner, Kristin is doing on and with her land!"

"This will be my third year in joining Love & Grit Farm LLC produce and herb shares. The weekly shares have been fresh and bountiful. At times extra produce is up for grabs free of charge. Talking with the farmers is a treat. Pick up is organized, orderly, and accommodating. An end of the season potluck is a joyous event."

"Their produce and products are delicious and grown with love and care. Their eggs are absolutely the best, most flavorful that we've ever had. And their hospitality and warmth is genuine and abundant. I can tell that Love & Grit loves nourishing and serving our community and I love being able to support them in return while also gaining delicious food."

"We've been supporting Love & Grit Farm since they started their CSA in 2020. I don't know how they do it, but it gets better every year! The vegetables and herbs are the best! The add on options from other local farmers and makers are always fun and delicious (beautiful flower bouquets, honey). If you are local, this is one business you'll want to support!"